Discomforts of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great change. Some of these changes may cause the expectant mother to be
uncomfortable. The suggestions listed below may help to relieve some of the discomforts experienced
during pregnancy.

Frequency of urination
• Do not hold urine for long periods of time

• Eat small meals and snacks instead of 3 large meals per day
• Avoid foods that you know give you heartburn, especially spicy, greasy or fried foods
• Eat slowly.
• Don’t overeat
• Avoid bending over or lying down after eating
• Avoid caffeine and sodas
• Wear clothes that fit loosely around the waist

Leg cramps
• Bend your toes up toward your head, avoid massaging the area as this may make the cramp
• Eat foods high in calcium such as milk, cheese, broccoli and cottage cheese
Morning sickness/Nausea
• Eat dry crackers or a handful of dry cereal, then rest in bed a little while before getting up
• Eat breakfast later than usual in the morning
• Avoid spicy or greasy fried foods
• Have plenty of fresh air in the room where you sleep
• Eat small meals and drink your beverages at least 30 minutes after you have completed your
• Slowly get out of bed in the morning instead of moving quickly

• Stand and walk using good posture
• Wear low heeled, comfortable shoes
• Sleep on a firm mattress and use a pillow to support your stomach
• Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
• Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
• Prune juice or eating prunes may also help
• Eat whole grain breads and cereals
• Get enough exercise, such as walking

Breast Changes
• Wear a good support bra for tender breast
• You may notice a yellowish to clear discharge, this is called collostrum. Maintain your nipples
dry by placing a breast pad inside your bra

• When resting, elevate your legs
• When lying, lay on your left side
• Wear support stockings
• Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time
• Avoid foods with a lot of salt
• Call the clinic if swelling worsens or if you have blurred vision
Shortness of breath
• Avoid sleeping flat, use a pillow to elevate your head while sleeping or resting
• Relax

Varicose veins
• Wear support stockings
• Avoid sitting for long periods of time with your legs crossed
• Elevate your legs whenever possible
Vaginal discharge
• Take frequent baths
• Call the clinic if you have itching, burning or foul smelling discharge
• Do not douche

• Avoid constipation
• Do not strain during bowel movements
• Try sitting in warm water to ease discomfort

Round Ligament Pain
• As your pregnancy advances the round ligaments are stretched and this may cause you to have
pain on one or both sides of your abdomen
• Avoid sudden movements or position changes
• Lay on the sore side to relieve the pain
• You may use a pregnancy belt to relieve pressure of the ligaments

For more information:
• Call the clinic 281- 537-5556

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